Live Webinars/0ne on One

ReDefining The Meaning Home isn’t just a phrase, it is a an online comprehensive platform dedicated to help you learn  about various aspects of home design, building products, and construction methods. Whether you’re looking to design or build a new house, are considering adding an extension to your current home, or planning a complete renovation, this is your complete guide through the process with a variety  of ways to assist.

On Demand Webinars

Learn about the construction progress process from seeking and evaluating a home site, to designing a home, to selecting a builder, and managing the process.

We will be adding new webinars on a regular basis on a variety of subjects and would love to hear from you on subjects you might like to learn more about.

The beauty of the Internet is is that much of this information is available across the broad spectrum of platforms Area so we’re hopeful that for those of you looking in the central Ohio area and surrounding counties we’ll look to us for information.