The Athens Review Set

The Review Set offers a comprehensive overview of your custom home project. It includes general project and electrical notes, door opening schedules, structural data, general framing notes, foundation, detailed floor plans, and elevation plans. Please note that this set is for review purposes and not for construction. It’s an invaluable tool for early planning and informed decision-making.


Review Set:  PDF Plans are 11 x 17, 1/8″ Scale.  Each Set includes Cover Sheet, Foundation Plan, Floor Plans, and Elevation Plans

Working Drawings: PDF Plans are 24 x 36 at ¼” Scale.
Each set includes Foundation Plans, Floor Plans, Elevation Plans, Framing Plans, Roof Framing Plans, Electric Plans and Detail Sheets for Building.

NOTE:  Working Drawings must be purchased prior to Standard Plan Revisions being completed.  In the event you order a revision and have not ordered a Set of Working Drawings within 48 Hours your order for Revisions will be cancelled and your payment will be credited.

NOTE: If you wish to have Custom Revisions on a plan you may contact us regarding the revisions prior to ordering plans, if you are uncertain about the plan prior to our consultation.

NOTE: Plans may be reproduced as often as needed for a project.

NOTE: Plans should be reviewed for conformity to local code and may require revisions to meet specific codes.