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Review Set:  PDF Plans are 11 x 17, 1/8″ Scale.  Each Set includes Cover Sheet, Foundation Plan, Floor Plans, and Elevation Plans

Working Drawings: PDF Plans are 24 x 36 at ¼” Scale.
Each set includes Foundation Plans, Floor Plans, Elevation Plans, Framing Plans, Roof Framing Plans, Electric Plans and Detail Sheets for Building.

NOTE:  Working Drawings must be purchased prior to Standard Plan Revisions being completed.  In the event you order a revision and have not ordered a Set of Working Drawings within 48 Hours your order for Revisions will be cancelled and your payment will be credited.

NOTE: If you wish to have Custom Revisions on a plan you may contact us regarding the revisions prior to ordering plans, if you are uncertain about the plan prior to our consultation.

NOTE: Plans may be reproduced as often as needed for a project.

NOTE: Plans should be reviewed for conformity to local code and may require revisions to meet specific codes.