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The focus design webinar takes a look at how you live and how you may evolve as you live in your home and specifically pinpoints areas of the home to ensure that the layout and design meet your needs today and in the future.
Whether looking to build or remodel, the kitchen can often be the most difficult to develop a design that makes the kitchen work for you. In this Webinar we take a very basic kitchen and with a few changes make it remarkable.
In a continuation of the Remarkable Kitchen Webinar, we will explore the most important element, the Cabinets. We will share insights on Wood Species, Cabinet Styles, Cabinet Construction and details to make your kitchen more beautiful and functional
A guide to seeking a homesite for your new custom home.
Remarkable Kitchen Continues with Remarkable Counter Tops. From Laminate to High End Quartz. Pro-Cons of each and basic pricing information as well.
Why don’t they build like the good old days? Mainly because today’s engineered lumber is better, stronger, long lasting and good for the environment. Learn why Engineered Lumber is better for your home.
When looking to build a custom home on an offsite lot, your first partner in this endeavor should be your lender learn what you need to ask who what you need to ask Can you finance both the lot purchase and the construction of a new home on the property. What type of financing is available. Is qualifying for a loan of this type different than any other loan. These questions and many more will be answered in this informative webinar.

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